Rebecca Ashton


Rebecca is a freelance Educational Psychologist, additionally qualified in neuropsychology. She is an advanced practitioner in Video Interaction Guidance and a trainee VIG supervisor. She can offer VIG or supervision completely remotely or with face to face visits. Rebecca lives in Lancashire.


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Certificate Course Awarded
Advanced Practitioner Accreditation
Advanced Practitioner Accreditation 9 May 2022
Advanced Practitioner Preparation
Angela Latham -Post-accreditation Supervision 8 Apr 2022
Diploma in Practice
Diploma in Practice - pre Matrix 5 Nov 2020
Introduction to Advanced Practice
Introduction to Advanced Practitioner - Hilary Kennedy 16 Dec 2021
Introduction to Becoming a Supervisor
AVIGuk Introduction to Becoming a Supervisor 9.15 to 4.30 8 Sep 2022
Trainee Supervisor (SDSS) Masterclass
AVIGuk Trainee Supervisor (SDSS) Masterclass 9.15 to 12.45 23 Jun 2023
Badge Course Awarded
Data Collection
VIG-Data Collection System-FREE & SELF DIRECTED 15 Nov 2022
Lead small group work on ITC (TRA-SG ITC)
Supervisor Path 12 Oct 2023
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