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VIG-Data Collection System-FREE & SELF DIRECTED

Hilary Kennedy
No access code required

CPD AVIGuk Official Course-Online. This is a FREE SELF-DIRECTED course designed to introduce VIG Supervisors and Practitioners to the new VIG Data Collection System. The course will present the new system and new meeting structure for pre-and post-VIG meetings with clients.
The Data Collection System will initially be used by Practitioners working in Perinatal services and there will be an expectation for all new trainees in Perinatal to collect data using the system. This session will therefore be particularly useful for those Supervising new trainees in Perinatal services. However, we also welcome current Perinatal practitioners, who wish to transition to using this system in their practice to collect data and streamline their VIG practice.

Here is the course outline:

1. VIG Data Collection System Background

This module starts of the self-directed course by taking you through the background and rationale for the new VIG Data Collection System. You will be shown how and why we developed the system and how we determined the measures to be included. You will have the option to read our research reports for more detail.

2. Introduction to the VIG:DCS web-app

This module will introduce you to the system itself by giving you an overview of the web-app and allowing you to practice in a demo version of one of the data entry forms. You will find some documents to get you started in your exploration of the measures that are most appropriate for your clients.

3. Information Governance

In this module, you will learn about the security of the Data Collection System and the expectations of practitioners to ensure we adhere to data protection law. You will be given the information, and signposted to the resources, that you will need to engage your information governance teams. Once you have received authorisation from your organisation/ IG representative, you are able to use the system in practice.

4. Getting Started & Getting Help

This short module will show you where to go for help and more information. It will also give you a guide to your next steps to get ready to use the DCS with your clients.