Helen Gibson

Area: South West England


I am an AVIGuk accredited supervisor and trainer. I am based in the South West of England but offer VIG Training and Supervision mostly on-line. I have been involved in VIG from when it was since it was first introduced into England approximately 26 years ago. I believe passionately that VIG is a powerful way to support individuals and families to discover their strengths and compassion in the relationships they are in.
I also work for AVIGuk as the Training Lead. My task is to maintain standards for delivering VIG training and supervision. I am the co-author of the AVIGuk Skills Development Scale which is a key resource when training and developing skills in VIG. I am a qualified Family Therapist and a Supervisor in Systemic Practice which also informs my supervisory practice. For further information either visit my website www.invigorate-tts.uk or contact me through the platform.


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Certificate Course Awarded
Diploma in Supervision
Diploma in Supervision - 2011 4 Nov 2020
Badge Course Awarded
Conduct a 1:1 practitioner accreditation (ACC PRA)
Supervisor Path 23 Aug 2021
Conduct a supervisor accreditation (ACC- S)
Supervisor Path 23 Aug 2021
Contribute (but not lead) to the main group in an ITC
Supervisor Path 23 Aug 2021
Data Collection
VIG-Data Collection System-FREE & SELF DIRECTED 8 Mar 2022
Deliver a VERP course
VERP - AVIGuk CPD course for practitioners and supervisors who are already delivering VERP (9 - 12.30) 23 Jan 2024
Lead AVIGuk Scoring Advanced Skills Using the SDS
Supervisor Path 23 Aug 2021
Lead Advanced SDS Masterclass
Supervisor Path 23 Jun 2023
Lead Introduction to Becoming a Supervisor course (TRA-ISU)
Supervisor Path 23 Aug 2021
Lead Trainee Supervisor (SDSS) Masterclass
Supervisor Path 21 Jul 2023
Lead a Mid-Point Review group TRAiner- MPR
Supervisor Path 23 Aug 2021
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