Birgitta Norton


I am a retired Educational Psychologist (EP) and VIG supervisor, most recently working part-time at The Children's Trust, Tadworth, Surrey (UK's leading charity for children with brain injury). Prior to that, I worked as a Local Authority EP for many years and used VIG in my work with schools and Children Centres.


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Certificate Course Awarded
Diploma in Supervision
Diploma in Supervision - 2011 4 Nov 2020
Scoring Advanced Skills (Part 1)
AVIGuk Scoring Advanced Skills Using the SDS (Part 1) 9.15 to 4.30 17 May 2022
Badge Course Awarded
Conduct a 1:1 practitioner accreditation (ACC PRA)
Supervisor Path 26 May 2023
Conduct a Mid-Point Review 1:1 (ACC MPR)
Supervisor Path 26 May 2023
Contribute (but not lead) to the main group in an ITC
Supervisor Path 26 May 2023
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